Sunday, April 29, 2012

[YES] Young Saeng's Eternal Supporters


I am an official member of Young Saeng's Eternal Supporters.

Super thanks to my oppa, Wonil Lee, for taking the time off to apply for my card, for letting me use his home address and for wholeheartedly volunteering to pay for my membership fee #LOL ^^  
Big thanks to Joy Sindayen for bringing it home and for taking extra care of my card whilst in her possession ^^


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nara's locket from Kaki

I just had to have one ;)


[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng in "Sent from Heaven" episode 42

I really hoped that the "pink umbrella date" in episode 42 was longer =(
(photos lifted from:



[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng in "Sent from Heaven" episode 38

See a cool Young Saeng in an all-black ensemble with these official photos of KBS' Sent from Heaven.
Now that's a bad boy prince right there ;)

(photos lifted from:


[PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng behind the scenes of "Sent from Heaven"

Behind the scene photos of Heo Young Saeng in KBS'  Sent from Heaven ^^
(cr: ejy8181)

Episode 27

Episode 30

Episode 42

Future episodes:

will die watching this scene ~ OMG O___O

oh god! please let this be not a "truth or consequence" game XDDD