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[NEWS] Heo Young Saeng in Showbiz Korea

Singer Heo Young Saeng is back after a year with his third mini album titled 'Life' as a cute flirt! 
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Singer Heo Young Saeng is back after a year with his third mini album titled 'Life.' The title track 'The Art of Seduction' show his cute and sexy traits. Now, forget the past image of Heo Young Saeng! He underwent a total transformation and is captivating everyone, so let meet him right now!

The upbeat retro dance song 'The Art of Seduction' succeeded in showing Heo Young Saeng's musical change. He tried out different genres for all the songs in his new album, and it's a perfect package where you can check out various styles of this artist. 

Heo Young Saeng underwent a total change, in his music and looks. The concept photo was recently publicized, and he was dressed in five different vivid colors - white, yellow, blue, red, and orange, and showed off his attractive traits.

We couldn't see his past performances, as he showed off colorful outfits and shocking hair-styles. He chose neat suits and sunglasses, and showed off his chic masculine qualities. We can't resist the attractive traits of this guy, who became more lovable than before.

Heo Young Saeng debuted as a member of the idol group SS501 in 2005. This group released many hit songs and Heo Young Saeng was very active in both Korea and Japan. Now, he's a veteran singer who has been in the industry for 8 years.

In 2011, Heo Young Saeng appeared in the musical 'The Three Musketeers' and played the role of D'Artagnan and captivated the audience with his excellent singing skills. These days, he is acting passionately in the musical 'Summer Place' over in Japan. We asked Heo Young Saeng what bewitches him about musicals.

In addition, Heo Young Saeng appeared in the music competition program 'Immortal Classic Songs.' He received positive reviews for showing off his cute qualities and performances, which had a musical-like touch to it. It was very impressive and we wondered about the significance of this performance.

Heo Young Saeng is full of talent! Along with his activities as a singer, he is also active in musicals, as a radio DJ and he even acts in dramas! He is full of desire to do many different things, and showed a strong desire to participate in his next album.

This guy is very talented, and there is no end to his qualities. Lastly, we asked him how he wants to be remembered by his fans who stood by him through thick and thin.

Heo Young Saeng does his best to be active as a national singer, and it's beautiful to see him work hard to achieve his goal. Heo Young Saeng is back as a cute playboy~ Showbiz Korea will root for his future activities in Korea and overseas, and hopes he receives a lot of love!

[MEDIA PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun at the Didier Dubot event

[2013.03.28] Young Saeng, Jung Min and Hyung Jun attended the 8th founding anniversary of Newsen and the launch of the jewelry brand Didier Dubot at the Banyan Tree Club & Seoul Spa in Jang Chung-dong, Seoul.

[MEDIA PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng on Show Champion - The Art Of Seduction

[2013.03.27] Show Champion - I super love the headband look on Saengie. He looks so cute! ^^ I prefer him wearing headbands rather than shades. Don't get me wrong, shades are cool but I prefer him wearing those outdoors. Shades just block Saengie's eyes and I want to see his adorable eyes ^^ 
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[RANDOM] What boredom could do to me

Last night, I couldn't sleep so I tried changing the layout of my blog and this was the result:

wee hours of the morning and I was still awake so I took a whack at my tumblr account:

It's the holidays today and I got nothing to do so I changed the layout of a friend's tumblr account too ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ. She was cool about it and gave me the freedom to do what I want. This is what happened (She too is a Young Saeng-biased Triple S by the way)

what do you think? ^^ 

[OFFICIAL PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng on Shim Shim Tapa

Heo Young Saeng dropped by Shindong's radio show, ShimShimTapa, last March 23, 2013 along with the beautiful G.Na :)
(cr: MBC)

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[PHOTOS] SS501 Facebook covers

I got bored again ~~


[NEWS] Heo Young Saeng dated a celebrity 2 years his senior

03/25 [NEWS] Heo Young Saeng “Dated a celebrity 2 years older”, frank confession on “Shim Shim Ta Pa”

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Singer Heo Young Saeng (from group SS501) attended a radio program, confessed that he dated a celebrity 2 years older than him.

Heo Young Saeng, together with singer G.NA, attended to “Star’s Dignity”, a section off MBC program “Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” which aired on 24th (Mar) 12:05am. DJ Shindong exposed Heo YoungSaeng by saying “I talked a lot with Heo Young Saeng through playing games, during (online) chatting he can talk so much that I was so shocked” and “He became a warrior in front of the keyboard”, (Heo Young Saeng) was embarrassed by it and replied “I’ll talk a lot when I get excited”, and the program started with burst of laughter with his reply.

With regards to his recent comeback with new song “The Art of Seduction”, Shindong asked “Having your comeback on White Day, did you prepare any special event for your fans?” “The comeback itself is the event (for them).” (Heo Young Saeng) replied showing tremendous confidence.

Heo Young Saeng continued “The first time when I heard this song, it’s not to my liking because it sounded frivolous” and “Because I was an idol, so I wanted to display a handsome or a mature feeling, but (company’s) representative personally appointed this song.” sharing his feelings and a small episode during which when he first leant of that song. But he added “Having continuously listening to the song during the preparation time, I got hooked onto it, there’s a lot of joy on the stage so this is great.”

Shindong asked “When one experiences parting, there are alot of external changes, so is that why (your music) has changed?” and Heo Young Saeng replied “(It’s been a while) I am not in any relationship so I’m feeling lonely”.

Continuing the topic on relationship, Heo Young Saeng revealed “I’ve dated someone older before” and “She was 2 years older, but was like a dongsaeng (younger sister)”. Shindong continued to interrogate “Is she a celebrity? Please reply yes or no.” “Yes, she is a celebrity” he confessed. Heo Young Saeng continued “It’s not easy to be with someone older. Women wants to depend on men, although she wants to depend on him, but because he is younger, she will be at a loss.” and “Man should be the one taking the lead, but at the thought that she is an elder sister, naturally just can’t do it.”

Shindong asked “Are you bad boy style within?” and (Heo Young Saeng) replied “I have not been in a relationship for a long time, so it seems like I will be a great guy who will put in everything if I were to get into a relationship now.”

Meanwhile ‘Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” (PD Son HanSeo) airs every night 12mn on MBC Standard FM (95.9Mhz), section “Star’s Dignity” for stars’ comeback or rookies airs on every Saturday.

[PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng - BTS: The Art Of Seduction MV

Here's a quick behind the scenes look at Young Saeng's "The Art Of Seduction" MV shoot ~ ^^
(cr: 12 Rounds)

The last 2 are the obvious favorites. I really love this music video because we get to see the playful side of Young Saeng - a very rare sighting during the starting years of SS501. Saengie always had this shy/ mysterious image. It is very refreshing to see him like this :)

Seeing these photos really made me miss Kyu Jong though. They remind me of how supportive he was during Saengie's 1st solo MV shoot for Let It Go. Guess I'm just finding small excuses to miss Kyu </3