Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[PHOTOS] Kim Kyu Jong's official website

Thank you B2M for finally opening Kyu's website again and for updating the photos! ^^


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[TWEETS] Heo Young Saeng on 2012.07.24

I really feel that among the 4 members of SS501, Young Saeng is the most affected person when it comes to Kyu Jong's absence because of military service. I personally am praying for Young Saeng to not fall deep into depression. He confessed during an interview that he was depressed during the making of his Solo album

I'm guessing (This is just me, ok. Again, I'm just guessing.), he already knows about Kyu Jong's plan that time. Think about it -- "Solo" ~ "Crying" ~ He feels so lonely. ~ "cause I can see you no more" #LOL. But seriously, he's never been alone. Young Saeng has always been with Kyu Jong. Pre-debut, he was sharing an apartment/room with Kyu Jong (M!Pick); post-debut, all 5 members stayed together in a dorm; post-DSP, he's still with Kyu Jong (B2M). Trips to the US, to Japan, fan meetings, and even on MV filming they're still together ~ This is why I think Kyu Jong's absence has the most impact on Young Saeng. I'm not saying it's not affecting the other members. We've all seen how Bebe's face was so sad in sending off Kyu..

Now this gave us an idea on how Young Saeng really feels =((

On the morning of July 24, around 4:00 KST Young Saeng tweeted:

Cr: translation by @shirbo21 + Liezle

Today I sent Kyu Jong to the army. Somehow it touched me.. Come back well!! Don't get hurt and~ learn lots and come out!! Although~ he can't see this tweet right now...ㅠ


I'm the sensitive friend who can't sleep.. This guy is sleeping well? I'm worried without any reason.. I am very nervous even thought I don't seem like it.. We don't have a big age difference.. but you call me hyung (older brother) so I worry a lot.. KK don't know~ Kim Kyu Jong will do well!!! KKKKK


Even though because of schedule reasons, there weren't five people there today..it's been a long time since we shout together "Hello! We are SS 501~~~".. so it was good..^^ Next time, let's gather all five people and do the greeting.. "Until now, we are SS501!! Thank you~" 

김규종이는 잘할거여!!! || Kim Kyu Jong will do well!!!


Monday, July 23, 2012

[PHOTOS] Kim Kyu Jong - military sendoff

[2012.07.23] This is probably one of my biggest heart aches of the year Y.Y

Media Photos: cr: Newsen, Osen, TV Daily, Innolife

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