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[PRE-ORDER] Kim Hyung Jun's ESCAPE

Attention, Triple S (Philippine residents only)! 
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[INTERVIEW] Heo Young Saeng discusses his ‘Solo’ comeback and SS501′s future

Heo Young Saeng's interview with Ilgan Sports:

(credits: Ilgan Sports via Nate + allkpop)

Q. “Why did you choose your album’s title as ‘Solo’?”
“There are various meanings to it. The lyrics to the title track are about what happened to a man after a break up, and I felt that fit with my situation as I tried to stand on my own, away from SS501. I participated in the production of the album and spent a lot of time on it. It’s an album that I truly worked hard on, on my own.”
Q. “What is your title track 'Crying' like?”
“I loved it the moment I first received it. The ladies especially had a good reaction to it. I think I love the song more because I penned the lyrics myself. It reminds me of my own story of when I broke up three years ago. I went through a lot of heartache then, and every song I listened to at the time felt like my own story. The song reminded me of when I felt so miserable about not being able to hold her back.”
Q. “It took you a year to release your second album since your first solo debut album.”
“I didn’t think it’d take this long either. I was pressured with the second album thinking that I had to make it better than the first. I wanted to show improvement most of all. From the album’s beginning, I participated in collecting the songs and producing it. It was difficult to the point where I almost suffered from depression, but I was able to overcome it.”
Q. “During that time, you also worked in a musical and sitcom.”
“I starred in the musical 'The Three Musketeers'. I was worried at first and was determined to clear my heart and learn from the beginning. The more I did it, the more I wanted to improve and get better. The last performance made me feel empty, so much so that I cried. On KBS 2TV‘s 'I Need A Fairy', I play the role of a Hallyu star. Although I’m still lacking, I feel that there’s a lot of charm to acting.”
Q. “Are you dating?”
“When I like someone, I’m not able to focus on anything else. I know that so I try not to let myself fall into that trap. For now, work comes first. I believe in the saying that a man’s skills should come first because you’re always able to find someone nice to settle down with after you’ve found success.”
Q. “Is there any competition between the SS501 members?”
“There is friendly competition. Since Hyun Joong made a position for himself first and got a lot of public recognition, people think that we’d be jealous of him, but it’s not true. Recently, all of the members had a lot of free time so we met one another often. We’d grab a drink and discuss the future of SS501. Of course, Hyun Joong is the one who foots the bills.”
Q. “Will SS501 get back together?”
“We were stimulated by Shinhwa reuniting. I was watching them guest on a talk show after their comeback and suddenly received texts from all of the SS501 members asking, ‘Are you watching this?’ It made me realize that we were truly one. I think we’ve lost a chance to reunite once because it was so hard to balance our time schedules. I think the next perfect time would be when we all get discharged from the army.”


[PHOTOS] Heo Young Saeng attended Bebe Hyung Jun's showcase

[2012.06.29] Another awesome day for all Triple S around the world!
Gathered for another night in one place are 4 of our favorite men. Present at Hyung Jun's showcase were hyungs Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Jung Min (present but not in photos)! ^^

(photo credits: Obsess)

(photo credits: Rosemary)

(photo credits: Amorino)

(photo credits: Pretty Boy)

(Official Photo from SPlus)


[GIF] Heo Young Saeng in Sent from Heaven episode 85

Even Kaki likes TaeYeon *SIGH* O_O


Looking dashing! ^^ 

HAHAHAHAHA ~~ I love this scene! XDDDD


Thursday, June 28, 2012

[I SAY] I am a Triple S, 2 years and counting ~

I was cleaning my room the other day and I found this gathering dust- My American Idol Season 9 CD.

Why am I posting this on my blog? Here's the story ~ 

Early 2010, I became a fan of Lee DeWyze (Season 9 winner of American Idol). 
This is what my desk looked like then (photos from my Facebook Account). 

I was a huge fan. I even watched all the episodes 'til the finale. But this was then.

So one day, during the summer of 2010, I visited my cousins and they exposed me to K-Pop. It was my first K-Pop exposure. My cousin Jai was watching We Got Married season 1 and I got interested in this one particular couple-- JoongBo/ Lettuce couple.

The weekend after my visit, I decided to go to Odyssey to buy me the then newly released American Idol season 9 CD. After getting the CD, just to kill time and out of curiosity, I looked for my newly discovered K-Pop group, SS501. I saw this album called "Rebirth" and was staring at it for quite some time.. "Is this really them?" I thought to myself. C'mon give me a break, it was 2010 and the images of the members that I have in my mind is from 2008! Plus the Rebirth pictorial has this goth feel, the total opposite of the fun Deja Vu (2008) album cover image they had. I looked at the back and saw the price tag.. 
"P1,000?!?! the heck! My A.I. CD is P450.. why is this one so expensive?!"

I went around the store some more, looked at other stuff and went to the counter to pay. It was then that I realized that I was STILL holding the SS501 Rebirth album. Despite it being ridiculously expensive, I never let it go.
Then it hit me real hard, SHIT. I'M A FAN!

I posted this on May 15th , 2010 via my Facebook account right after I bought them.
(This should have given me the hint already.. I placed the Rebirth album ABOVE the American Idol CD.. tsk tsk tsk.)

When I got home, I listened to both my A.I. Season 9 album and my SS501 Rebirth album. I even watched the DVD that came with it. And guess what, that was the first and the last time I played my American Idol season 9 CD because I played the Rebirth album for weeks!

I forgot about Lee DeWyze and his amazing voice and fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong then eventually Heo Young Saeng ^___^

which brings me back to the 1st photo -- My American Idol season 9 CD gathering dust :P

..2 years and a couple of months later.. THIS is what happened to my SS501 Rebirth album ^^


[GIF] Heo Young Saeng in Sent from Heaven episode 83

This reminded me a little of Jung Min's seukso #smirk XDDD